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S5 Episode 12: Susie Alegre on Generative AI, ChatGPT and the freedom to think

April 21, 2023 Chief Futurist - The Actionable Futurist® Andrew Grill Season 5 Episode 12
The Actionable Futurist® Podcast
S5 Episode 12: Susie Alegre on Generative AI, ChatGPT and the freedom to think
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Does Generative AI restrict our freedom to think if we ask it to do everything for us?

To answer this question, I spoke with international Human Rights Lawyer, Author and Speaker and author of  “Freedom to Think: The Long Struggle to Liberate our Minds.Susie Alegre.

We last spoke to Susie on the podcast in 2022, before the Generative AI tool ChatGPT had been released, so in this show, Susie provided an update on her views on ChatGPT and AI in general.

We looked at the current trends in AI, and Susie provided some advice for the big tech companies about how they take the next steps with these powerful tools.

In a recent interview, she said: “If artificial intelligence doesn’t know the answer, it simply makes up plausible response, but it automates the prejudices of our societies and delivers them with the confidence of a crypto salesman”.

She asks the question we're all asking - Chat GPT: What is it for?

To end the podcast, she provided three actionable tips on how to best use Generative AI tools:

1. think about why you're using it instead of using your own brain or your own time

2. Don't believe a word it says; double check possibly through Google or maybe go to a library
3. Play with it. But don't trust it.

This show provides a fascinating update to our previous podcast and is very timely.

More on Susie can be found on her website.
You can purchase her book here.
Listen to our first podcast here.

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